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Low Cost vs. Low Price in the Lube Oil Manufacturing Process

Low Cost vs. Low Price in the Lube Oil Manufacturing Process


Lube-Power, Inc. has been in the lube oil system business for nearly forty years. With our vast experience, we have identified reliable component manufacturers and first-rate manufacturing methods to ensure our equipment functions as flawlessly 18 months down the road as it did in our test department. Lube-Power, Inc. stands out against its competitors for offering high-quality systems that are reliable and long-lasting for all our customers.

Other lube oil system manufacturers, choose to build low-price systems using inexpensive parts and non-standard manufacturing methods. Companies offering lower prices get their clients to accept fewer benefits and warranty. This decision gives customers a temporary affordable solution. Unfortunately, in most cases, these lower-priced systems can result in elevated maintenance and replacement costs.

Offering Great Value in Lubrication Systems 

Lube-Power, Inc. chooses to be a cost-conscious manufacturer. This means our equipment will cost you less throughout the life of the warranty.  We make sure to provide the best quality components because we don’t want our customers to have to deal with issues in the field. The problems caused by using lower value systems can affect the desired quality, efficiency and result in long-term elevated costs.  Experience the Lube-Power difference. Unrivaled quality. Superior support.  Thousands of applications all over the world. 

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For oil lubrication systems, pressure vessels, pressure vessel repair, oil filtration systems, and more, call Lube-Power at (586) 247-6500. You can also reach out to us through the contact form on our website. We look forward to serving your unique needs, increasing your productivity, and exceeding your expectations.

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