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Lube Power's packaging and crating policies

Lube Power's packaging and crating policies


Packaging is a very important aspect in the manufacturing industry. For Lube-Power the packaging portion needs to be planned from the very beginning of the production process. The packaging of each system ensures the protection and safe handling of the finished product.

Packaging and crating is not typically something customers worry about until their new piece of equipment is delivered in poor condition. Due to the absence of packaging requirements and standards, some companies try to get away with cutting costs and utilize items such as reclaimed pallets, plastic wraps, etc.

The Safest and Best Packaging and Crating for Lubrication Equipment

Customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities, and we take too much pride in our work to let it be damaged by not packaging it properly. At Lube Power, we design a custom crates for each piece of equipment to make sure it arrives at the customer’s site in the same condition it left our facility. Each piece of equipment we deliver arrives in brand new condition. We always want to make sure we stand out against our competitors by providing the best end-to-end quality control for all our products.

Lube Power's Export Crate and Domestic 30% Coverage Crate

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