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ISO 586-247-6500

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Plan 72 / 74

Plan 72 / 74

Rotating Equipment Specialists

Trust Lube-Power, Inc. to provide the piping plan and equipment to increase your mechanical seal life!

In Piping Plan 72 there is externally supplied buffer gas for Arrangement 2 seals. Buffer gas is maintained at a pressure less than seal chamber pressure. In normal operation, the buffer gas pressure should not exceed 0.07 MPa (0.7 bar) (10 psi). [API 682; G.30]. This plan can be used in combination with a Plan 75 or Plan 76 where the buffer gas sweeps seal leakage away from the outer seal to a collection reservoir. Leakage can be diluted so that the missions from the seal are reduced.

In Piping Plan 74 there is externally supplied barrier gas for Arrangement 3 seals. Barrier gas is maintained at a pressure greater than seal chamber pressure. [API 682; G.31] With this type of system most of the barrier gas leaks into the atmosphere.

Standard Features

  • SS panel with 316SS tubing and fittings
  • Pressure gauge
  • Pressure switch with instrument valve
  • Pressure control valve
  • Coalescing filter
  • CS valves


  • API 682 compliant
  • SS valves
  • All instrument types, ranges, and certifications
  • Special barrier fluid compatibility
  • Support stand
  • Custom design