Plan 52 / 53A

In Piping Plan 52 there is an external reservoir providing buffer liquid for the outer seal of an Arrangement 2 seal. The buffer liquid shall be maintained at a pressure less than seal chamber pressure and less than 0.28 MPa (2.8 bar) (40 psi). [API 682; G.17]. This plan is typically used in services where process leakage to atmosphere needs to be minimized and contained.

In Piping Plan 53A there is a pressurized external barrier fluid reservoir supplying clean fluid to the barrier fluid seal chamber. The barrier liquid is maintained at a pressure greater than seal chamber pressure. [API 682; G.18].

Standard Features

•CS vessel material with 316SS internal cooling coil
•Weld pad level gauge
•Pressure gauge
•Pressure switch with instrument valve
•Level switch
•CS valves
•3 US gallons (11.3 liters) vessel volume


•API 682 compliant
•ASME U or UM stamp, ASME VIII, Div. 1 2015
•SS valves and vessel
•All instrument types, ranges, and certifications
•5 US gallons (18.9 liters) or other vessel volumes
•Support stand
•Custom design