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API 682 Compliant Plan 32

API 682 Compliant Plan 32

API 682 compliant seal support systems and pressure vessels for all types of seal applications. Plan 32

In Piping Plan 32, a flush is injected into the seal chamber from an external source. The flushing product is brought from an external source to the seal. The external flush should be continuous and reliable even during nonstandard situations such as start-up or shutdown. [API 682; G.14]. This plan is used in combination with a close clearance throat bushing.

Standard Features

  • Y-stainer
  • Pressure indicator with instrument valve
  • Flow control valve
  • Sight flow indicator
  • CS valves
  • 316SS tubing and fittings


  • All instruments types, ranges, and certifications
  • SS valves
  • API 682 Compliance