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API 682 Compliant Plan 23

API 682 Compliant Plan 23

API 682 compliant seal support systems and pressure vessels for all types of seal applications

In Piping Plan 23 there is recirculation from a circulation device in the seal chamber through a cooler and back into the seal chamber. [API 682; G.12]. This plan is desirable for hot water services, such as boiler feedwater, hydrocarbon, and chemical services.

Standard Features

  • Shell and tube heat exchanger, non-code, CS shell, copper tubes
  • Temperature indicator with thermowell
  • CS valves
  • 316SS tubing and fittings


  • API 682 compliant
  • ASME U stamp, ASME VIII, Div. 1 2015 for heat exchanger
  • SS valves and vessels