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Chapter 4 - Dry Gas Systems

Chapter 4 - Dry Gas Systems

Lube-Power, Inc. supplies affordable Seal Gas Support Systems in accordance with API (American Petroleum Institute) / ISO (International Organization for Standardization) ISO 10438:2008 Part 4 or ANSI/API 614 Fifth Edition Chapter 4 for your application. API defines these as the special-purpose arrangement of piping, filters, and instrumentation used to control and monitor the pressure or flow of seal, buffer or separation gas to the equipment shaft end seals. They are designed for uninterrupted, continuous operation in critical unspared service. We also supply versions for customers that need more or fewer features than is defined by the API Part 2/Chapter 2 requirements.

Seal Support Systems

Each system is arranged for seal gas (dry, filtered gas supplied to the high-pressure side of a self-acting gas seal) and secondary seal gas supply (clean purge gas supplied to the area between the seals of a tandem self acting gas seal) at the correct volume, pressure and temperature to rotating equipment components (e.g. API 617 Compressor, etc.).

A correctly engineered and fabricated system keeps the rotating equipment operating properly without unscheduled downtime.

API 614 Fifth Edition Chapter 4 Systems

Lube-Power, Inc. has pre-engineered ISO 10438:2008 Part 4 or ANSI/API 614 Fifth Edition Chapter 4 systems for customers that do not have additional requirements. We also modify a standard system or start with a custom-engineered solution depending upon the customer requirements at no additional cost. Our experienced staff routinely reviews customer specifications and we work through simple to complex applications while educating the customer when needed as part of our engineered solutions service

  • All flow rates and pressures are available
  • Capable of handling all gases
  • Capable of servicing multiple seals and compressors simultaneously