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ISO 586-247-6500

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Rundown Tanks

Run Down Tank

Lube-Power, Inc.’s manufactures high-quality Lube Oil Rundown Tanks. Our Run Down Tanks are storage vessels installed at specific heights above the shaft centerline of rotating equipment. The job of the rundown tank is to hold the lube oil during normal operation. The height of the Run Down Tank helps create static pressure to propel the lube oil flow to the bearings under gravity.

The most important parameter to design a Run Down Tank is its capacity. The capacity and size of the Run Down Tank need to be able to provide enough lube oil gravity flow during the entire coast-down period. This is important because this will ensure safe shutdown of the equipment without any damage to the bearings.

I.e: API 614 requires the rundown tank to be sized for more than 3 minutes (min. recommended coast-down time) of normal operating lube-oil flow.

Standard and Customized Run Down Tanks from Lube-Power

Lube-Power, Inc. has pre-engineered standard rundown tanks per our standard design or ISO 10438:2008 Part 2 or ANSI/API 614 Fifth Edition Chapter 2. We also modify a standard design or start with a custom engineered solution depending upon the customer requirements at no additional cost. Our experienced staff routinely reviews customer specifications and we work through simple to complex applications while educating the customer when needed as part of our engineered solutions service. This product is very customizable to suit your specific needs.

Each system typically includes these major components. Many additional details, options, and features are available for each item but not mentioned here. Contact Lube-Power, Inc. for more information:

  • Tank: The volume requirements are minimally defined by API and need to be sufficient for the coast down requirements of all equipment. Lube-Power, Inc. correctly sizes the tank by considering the lubricated equipment, mounting arrangement, system equipment in addition to API requirements.
  • Piping & Valves: Pipe, valves, and fittings are used as a conduit for the fluid connected to the tank and rotating equipment circuit. These items must be properly selected to minimize restrictions and avoid leaks. Stainless steel piping, fittings, and flanges with carbon steel valves are the minimum requirements. Lube-Power, Inc. correctly selects the piping and valve arrangement in addition to the minimal API specified requirements.
  • Instruments: Pressure, temperature and level monitoring gauges, switches or transmitters are used to evaluate the rundown tank. Lube-Power, Inc. correctly selects the arrangement of the instruments in addition to the minimal API specified requirements to ensure proper operation and control.
  • Volumes to 2,500 US gallons (9,464 liters)
  • Materials as required
  • Instrumentation as required
  • Atmospheric design standard
  • ASME U stamp, ASME VIII, Div. 1 2015 available
Rundown Tanks

Rundown Tanks

A Rundown Tank is a tank inMore >